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20+ Best 4th of July Cakes 2020

Here they are!! The Best 4th of July Cakes for 2020. We have found what was HOT in 2020 for the 4th of July Cakes and the popular July 4th cake decorating ideas that have carried over from recent years. The classics never go out of style.

The best cake trends for the 4th of July are shown in this collection from the “Classic Rosette Piping”, to the “Side Stripe Effect” with chocolate drip and candy toppers, the “Piped American Flag” with base sprinkle accents, the “Stained Glass Technique”, the ever-popular “Fault Line Cake”, “Uncle Sam”, “Stars, and Stripes” Fondant Cakes, the cool red, white and blue “Shag effect” and many more. The classic cake designs are here to stay along with the fabulous new ideas sweeping the Cake Design circuit.

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