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Valentine’s Day is a good occasion as any to try out some new valentines colors for your next cake design. Any good design, including Cake Design, starts with an inspiration and eventually leads to a decision about the color palette. For your next cake decorating project be sure to think carefully about the color palette and use pictures that you like as inspiration, and if you are not that familiar with tools like Adobe Photoshop, then try some of the free online color palette resources that will help any artist.

One of my favorite Color Palette Tools is from the talented group over at, which have a color pallet generation tool that is so easy to use, and in particular I like to use the Image Picker tool.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this color picker tool for you next cake design project, starting from a photo.

How to create your own color palette?

A step by step guide on how to create your own color palette for your next cake design.

Steps to create your own unique Cake Design Color Palette:

Step 1 – Pick your Inspiration Photo

For this Valentine Palette, I wanted to make it simple and drew inspiration from a bouquet of roses photo. Valentines colors really leap off the page for me in this photo.

Step 2 – Go to Color Palette Generator Website

Go to the website address:
Once you arrive on the website, you see the button Browse an Image. Now you are ready to take your image (which you have saved somewhere, or you know the URL of the location of the image). By clicking on “Browse an Image” you will be taken to a screen that allows you to Upload the Image.

Step 3 – Browse to your Inspiration Photo

Here you will browse to select your inspiration photo or you will drop the image in the window. You will note that there are other options which allow you to select a website address for an image (i.e. URL), or you can choose camera or search. Once you have located your image by browsing or dropping in the window you will be taken to the following screen.

Step 4 – Select the Photo

Once the photo is selected you see a default set of colors are shown in the “Palette”. You can play with the “Picked Palettes” to see the auto generated palettes or you can create your own which is what I choose to do—since I like for it to be my own unique palette inspired by what catches my eye in the photo.

Step 5 – Select the Number of Colors in Palette

Press the “minus” symbol next to the Palette shown, this will reduce the number of colors in the Palette. I like to limit this the 3 or 4 colors to make it simpler for the overall Cake Design. Mixing too many colors of buttercream can be time consuming, so 4 is good for most cake designs.

Step 6 – Choose the colors from the Inspiration Photo

Here is where you get to be creative and make your palette your own! By choosing the color in Palette bar at the bottom of the Image Picker, you will then be able to press and hold the round color picker around over your image.
I suggest to start with the lighter colors and gradually work your way to the darker colors. By playing with this a little, you will get the hang of it, and soon you will find a selection of colors inspired by your photo that you will like—and it is yours!

Step 7 – Choose the colors from the Inspiration Photo

Once you finish selecting the colors you like in the palette, click Export–save the image and you can then use this for your project.

Step 8 – Export your very own Cake Design Color Palette!

This is the process of creating your very own Color Palette for your next cake design. It is not difficult to do, and in the end this Palette is unique to your eye, and will help guide your next cake art project.

Wrapping up the Color Palette creation

The process of creating your very own color palette for your next design is really fun, and I like the fact that it adds a key element to the cake decorating process. I chose to use this same process for one of my other designs recently, the Lady Gaga Cake, where the colors where inspired from her music video “Stupid Love”. Once you start using this design tool, you will find yourself using it for all your designs.

Other Valentine’s Day Color Palettes

A few other valentines colors that provide inspiration for your next cake design. I created this one in very quick amount of time and based it on the photo shown.

Valentines colors palette - How To guide 12

Valentines Colors Palette – 2, inspired by chocolate and brownies

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