tropical cake with flowers and ruffle piping technique

Dreamy Tropical Cake with Ruffles

How dreamy is this cake?

This tropical cake with ruffles is so dreamy and definitely one of my favorite cakes. Yes, I say “favorite” about many of my cakes because it’s true for different reasons. Each cake has a special something. As much as I appreciate some of my really detailed cakes I also love clean lines, uncluttered elegance, and bright simplicity. The turquoise, white, pink, and yellow color palette with the tropical ruffles and floral details are so relaxing that it makes me feel like I’m on a beach looking at tropical flowers and waves rippling in the ocean. Tip: You’ll not find teal or turquoise gel food coloring in most color sets and will need to buy it separately.

tropical cake stages
Three final stages of this cake design (shown here) starting with the crumb coat and smoothing out the final coat of white vanilla buttercream frosting. Next, I piped the lighter tinted buttercream ruffles starting from the top of the cake working down to the bottom changing to the darker tinted turquoise buttercream. I topped the cake with hibiscus and frangipani flowers made one day prior to cake decorating.
tropical cake with ruffles and flowers
The final decorating step was piping Isabella on the top of the cake. This is always tricky as you get one chance! You must measure and know the size and length of the name or message you are piping. Also the piping tip will determine thickness. Use a toothpick to write in the frosting and/or practice on parchment paper a few times before writing.
tropical cake with ruffles and flowers
Dreamy Tropical Cake with Ruffles 7

It’s nice to have partner cupcakes that compliment the cake. The yellow swirl on these cupcakes reminds me of a frozen tropical drink on a hot day. This cake is literally a vacation you can eat! Can you see it?

tropical cake gif
Dreamy Tropical Cake with Ruffles 8

I hope this Tropical Cake has inspired you. Please stay awhile and bounce around on my other cake pages and cake ideas gallery.

Thanks for visiting. Happy Baking.

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