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Creative Cheesecake Design Ideas

Cheesecake Design doesn’t have to be flat and boring. How many times have we seen that?? Boring! Even if you’re not an avid baker or cake designer you can “dazzle up” any homemade cheesecake with a few tools and a little practice. You too can execute Creative Cheesecake Design Ideas.

creative cheesecake design ideas with decorative cream cheese frosting piping cookies and cookie crumbs
Cheesecake decorated with piped cream cheese frosting (Tip #828 Top and Tip #824 border), cut and crushed waffle cookies, and graham cracker cookie crumbs.

Practice piping on parchment paper, flat tray, or platter. Make sure the surface is clean & sanitary because you will reuse the practice piped frosting for your cheesecake. If you like bigger piping details you’ll need larger piping tips. Smaller piping details will require smaller piping tips.

Depending on what you like you’ll need to gauge the tip style and size. Extra-large piping tips are typically sold separately from the smaller basic piping tip kits.

Creative Cheesecake Design Ideas

creative cheesecake design ideas with decorative piping cookies and cookie crumbs

Piping Bags, Piping Tips and Tip Couplers

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Thanks for visiting my Creative Cheesecake Design Ideas. Happy Cake Decorating!
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