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Gone Fishing Cake – YES you can do this one!

A fun Gone Fishing Cake for any guy or gal who loves to fish. It’s great to do cakes that focus on someone’s passion or hobby. This cake has an ombre buttercream piped & spoon effect with fondant decorative reeds, lake plants, fishing bobbers, and rustic signage/fondant cake toppers.

gone fishing cake fondant cake topper signage

Buttercream Piping Techniques

This fishing cake uses two piping techniques: Spoon Piping (“petal effect”) and Ombre technique. Ombre means ‘shaded’ in French, and is the gradual blending of one colour hue to another, and in this case I moved from the darker blue the bottom to a lighter shade at the top.

Each row was done one at a time by piping large dots with a 0.6″ piping tip, piping bag and using the end of a spoon. I then used the petal effect spoon piping technique, to resemble flower petals or water ripples. This piping technique requires multiple batches of buttercream.

gone fishing cake with fondant cake topper signage buttercream petal technique bobbers reeds and lake plants
Gone Fishing Cake

Gone Fishing Fondant Cake Toppers

Most fondant cake toppers can be made prior to cake making day. This allows the fondant time to set and dry. The lettering can be rolled and cut close to applying the topper to the cake. When using a letterpress tool the fondant must be rolled out thin. If you roll it too thick each letter will be harder to cut.

Take a sharp-edged knife (not serrated) and cut around each letter and smooth the edges. This is a delicate process. Do not wait too long to adhere the letters to the fondant sign. The letters will still be tacky and edible glue or water is not necessary to help them stick. If the letters dry too much the glue or water will be needed. Make sure you have small paintbrushes on hand for this step.

gone fishing cake fondant cake topper signage
This fondant sign needed time to dry after it was painted & letter application.

Details matter even from the back of the cake. I wanted the back of the Gone Fishing sign to have realistic posts. The reeds anchor the look from the back along with the river leaves and plants. To shape the river leaves drape them over the side of a cup, allow to dry then apply to the cake.

I used fondant shaping tools to cut and distress the fondant to resemble weathered wood. Then I used edible paint to darken the fondant adding to the weathered wood look. The edible paint needs time to dry. After which the lettering can be applied to the sign.

gone fishing cake fondant cake topper signage

Cake Board Covering Is Important

I covered this cake board with a complimentary wood look contact paper. It looks nice with the rustic fondant signage. A blue paper matching my buttercream color would have looked nice as well but I went with the wood. There are many things you can do (DIY Cake Board) to dress-up your cake boards. They must never be forgotten in the design scheme.

gone fishing cake with fondant cake topper signage buttercream petal technique bobbers reeds and lake plants
This is an 8″ triple layered vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. Vanilla is a crowd pleaser!

Cake Decorating Tip

Don’t throw anything away (ie: extra decorating materials) until your cake is picked up or delivered. This is so important. Even the tiniest amount of cake cuttings, fondant, or buttercream is valuable. You may be thinking, the cake is done, I don’t need it-well you just might! because unexpected things happen and you may need all your extras for touch-ups or fill-ins. Trust me on this one and don’t let your family members eat anything left over either until the cake is out the door.

I hope this Gone Fishing Cake inspires you. Thanks for visiting. Happy Baking!

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