fully covered fondant computer cake

Easy 18th Birthday Computer Cake Design: Tech-Themed

Personalizing with a Custom Cake

Personalized themes and custom cake designs have become increasingly popular in celebrating birthdays, with computer cakes being a particularly sought-after choice. These unique creations allow individuals to express their creativity and add a personalized touch to their special day, making for memorable and visually stunning celebrations.

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Inspiration and Birthday Cake Concept

Patryk wanted a Computer Cake for his 18th birthday. I decided to do a fully covered fondant cake showing circuitry, laptop, mouse, lettering, and desktop icons. Themed birthday cakes have been popular for decades, and this cake design styled with a computer science theme was a perfect choice.

It’s all about what makes the intended happy–is the special person an Apple MAC or Microsoft Windows fan? Since the 1990’s personal computers become a staple in most homes hence computer science cake designs are popular retro-themed celebration cakes. What would you like your next birthday cake to be?

Preparing for the Bake

Begin by baking two 9″ round cakes as your foundation. Choose a color scheme that reflects the computer theme, like blacks, silvers, and vibrant circuit board greens or blues.

For the computer fondant cake decorations, use gel food coloring to tint white fondant to your desired shades. Remember, colors deepen over time, so prepare your fondant a day ahead. This stage sets the base for your tech-inspired cake.

Creating Fondant Cake Toppers

This computer cake design needed several fondant hand-cut figures, molded applications, and lettering. All perfect examples of fondant cake toppers that can be done ahead of time. Fondant figures that take extra time to cut, mold, or dry should be done hours or days early all stored in air-tight containers until the time of application.

This will save you a lot of time on cake-making day. Pre-planning and organization are key. If the design allows it I love having all my cake fondant decorations finished as it makes assembling quick, easy, and fun. Naturally, depending on the cake design you’ll need to decide what can be pre-made.

Some fondant molds need to be freshly made, tacky, or soft for what you are trying to achieve. For example, the mouse cord, white rolled edging, and yellow circuits on this cake were rolled or cut fresh so I could manipulate the way they curled or lay straight. You can’t really do this if the fondant or gum paste is already dried and if you try to change the shape the molds can crack or break.

computer cake design with circuit board from science class and a mouse

Assembling the Computer Cake

There are countless decorative letter stencils, letterpress, and letter cutters your head will spin. Start collecting slowly as you will need certain designs. Lettering is really important and cannot always be done by piping alone. Letter presses, stencils, and cutters will give you clean, precise, and perfectly sized letters for your custom cakes.

Note: To properly use letter presses roll fondant or gum paste thin so the press cuts all the way through. *Tip: sprinkle cornstarch or powdered sugar in the letterpress for easy release.

I love my fondant letter-cutting collection of fonts and sizes. You’ll never have all the fonts you want or desire but seek out those that are versatile, relative in size and style to your cake designs.

The Final Touches

Adding Personalized Details: Lettering and Icons

Now, let’s add a dash of personality to our cake! Choosing the right font and icons can truly capture the essence of the celebrant – like sprinkling little bits of their character on each layer. Have you ever thought about what icons and lettering would represent you or your loved ones on a cake?

Presentation Tips: Showcasing Your Edible Artwork

Presentation is everything, isn’t it? Imagine placing your beautifully crafted cake on a stand, surrounded by a few themed decorations to set the scene – it’s like putting your masterpiece in the perfect frame! What are your favorite ways to showcase your edible creations? Need some tips on cake board designs, be sure to check out:

Famous Fonts and Their Influence

Fonts portray a particular style, mood, or even an era. Fonts are made famous by historical print, legal print, cultural influences, art, logos, branding, music, movies, theater, you name it! Letter styles tell a story.

We all recognize Disney’s famous whimsical font style on my Best Mini Mouse Cake Ideas with Cute Minnie Ears. To me, this lettering is a cross between cursive, print, and cartoon. It’s fun, lighthearted, and perfectly suited for Disney characters.

No one can forget the Star Wars font we all know and love shown on my 2 Tiered Stars Wars Cake – The Force Awakens Cake Design. This lettering is a chunky, wide, classic alphabet style with the letter S attached to the letter it’s next to reminiscent of something flying in space.

Expanding Your Cake Portfolio

If you like fondant-covered cakes you’ll love my full collection from my Brandenburg Gate Graduation Cake to my Lady Gaga Cake Design Inspired by “Stupid Love” lyrics to my Fun Soccer Field Cake – Kid’s Birthday Cake Idea to name just a few! What cake theme would you like to have for your next celebration?

fully covered fondant computer cake

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